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Scottish Edition Range

Scottish Edition Cream Vanilla Ice Cream

Scottish Cream Vanilla

Rich Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream made with Scottish Borders cream, complimented with natural Madagascar vanilla.

Scottish Edition Tablet Ice Cream

Scottish Tablet

Luxury Dairy Ice Cream "drizzled" with handmade butter tablet.

Scottish Edition Caramel Shortcake Ice Cream

Scottish Caramel Shortcake

Luxury Dairy Ice Cream, bursting with pieces of Traditional Scottish Caramel Shortcake.

Scottish Edition Toasted Macaroon Ice Cream

Scottish Toasted Macaroon

Smooth Creamy Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream, filled with bites of hand made toasted Vanilla Macaroon.

Scottish Custard With Nutmeg Ice Cream

Scottish Custard With Nutmeg

Old fashioned Custard flavoured ice cream, spiced with exotically flavoured Nutmeg.