Our Product Range

Over the last 30 years, Soave’s has mastered the perfect ice cream recipes to ensure that our customers receive the best quality Scottish Italian Ice Cream.

From our Traditional Original Vanilla to the luxurious creamy Vanilla Royale, Soave’s chooses the best ingredients and inclusions to offer the most complimentary range.

Our small individual 120ml tubs with enclosed lids are perfect for events and small outlets. The Scottish Edition luxury range and our favourite traditional range, all are individually served in 500ml tubs with lids, with our 1 litre tubs which are excellent pick up buys in a local retail outlets. Additionally our Napoli’s and catering containers would fit any selection of cabinets for Ice Cream Parlours or restaurants.

Finally our unique, amazing refined Ice cream filled and Snowballs, ensures that any premises wishing to sell ice cream has a vast selection of sizes and flavours to meet your customers needs.

Twice a year Soave’s offers seasonal Summer and Winter flavours for a limited time, additional to those listed on the website. Contact us and ask for our most current new and seasonal products