Our Range of Napoli’s

Soave’s ice cream is available in 4.75 litre white containers, ideal for any ice cream parlour cabinet to promote the full Soave’s range.

Choose from our delicious flavours such as the family favourite of Raspberry Ripple, the smooth and silky Belgian Chocolate Symphony or the modern Cookies n Cream made with our creamy Vanilla Royale ice cream and tasty Oreo Cookies, or perhaps the fresh scrumptious Strawberries & Cream tickles your tastebuds!  The full Soave’s range is perfect to go with any wafer or dessert.  What’s your favourite?

Available Flavours

Bubble Gum

Caramel Shortcake
Chocolate Ripple

Chocolate Flake
Chocolate Symphony
Cookies ‘n’ Cream
Cookie Dough

Creme Egg
Dime Bar

Honeycomb Sensation

Highland Toffee
Iron Brew

Jammie Dodger

Mint Choc Chip
Mint Oreo

Original Vanilla

Raspberry Ripple

Rum ‘n’ Raisin

Salted Butter Caramel

Scottish Toasted Macaroon
Smarty Pants
Strawberry Caprice
Strawberries ‘n’ Cream

Scottish Tablet

Toffee ‘n’ Fudge

Vanilla Royale
White Chocolate


Bueno being Spanish for “good”, doesn’t really do this flavour justice.  It should really be renamed “Favolosa” as a fabulous blend of our finest Italian secret recipe vanilla ice cream, delicious hazelnut, smooth rich chocolate and rippled with wafer pieces throughout.  Not just good it’s fabulous.  (c) Soaves 2019


Coconut and Vanilla go so well together and who doesn’t love a Bounty Bar right?  Our Award Winning Vanilla Ice Cream is infused with fluffy coconut and chocolate swirls to form a tantalising dessert which transports you straight to tropical paradise.  Eat it and dream of being on a Caribbean beach.  A taste of paradise.  (c) Soave’s 2019


At the copa (co) Copacabana.  The hottest spot north of Havana … Ok so it’s made in Scotland but Banana/Havana you know, too tempting not to rhyme.  We promise though that this little flavour sensation will have you doing the cha cha!  Delicious, uplifting and still feeling oh so healthy.  Enjoy it’s smooth, creamy, fruity blend.  (c) Soave’s 2019

Bubble Gum

Bright blue and topped with colourful marshmallows, this flavour is unmissable within any ice cream parlour cabinet.  It’s full of fun and bubble gum flavour.  Perfect for those hot sticky days or to cheer up a rainy day.  This one is a big hit with the kids!  (c) Soaves 2019

Caramel Shortcake

Who doesn’t love a piece of millionaires shortcake?  This delicious cake containing stunning caramel and wonderfully crunchy biscuit is chopped into chunks and added to Soave’s Vanilla Royale ice cream to make this rich, inviting dessert choice.  Feel like a Millionaire with a scoop or two of this flavour on your next cone! (c) Soaves 2019


Palm trees, the warmth of the sun on a summer day, waves lapping at your feet, that’s just some of the thoughts that will enter your mind when you opt for our coconut flavour.  Our Soave’s secret recipe Vanilla is infused with delicious coconut to bring this wonderful flavour to your taste buds. (c) Soaves 2019